Captain William Longannon

William Longannon was a Starfleet officer in the mid-24th century. As of 2365, he was serving as the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Dauntless. He was the youngest officer to be assigned to command a starship in Starfleet history, at the age of 27, beating the previous record-holder by eight months and four days.

Many captains find their new crews filled with previous shipmates from their long time in space. In Longannon's case they were mainly Academy Mates. He was in the same graduating class as Lt. Tierra Duvenly, Science Officer, and overlapped with the following: Lt. Fremantle, Records Officer, Lt. Balthurst, Asst. Chief of Security and Lt. Tal, Senior Field Medic.

2347 - 2350 Starfleet Academy 110px-2350s_cmd_wo.png
2351 - 2352 Branch School (Helm) 110px-2350s_cmd_wo1.png
2352 Cadet Cruise, U.S.S. Hood 110px-2350s_cmd_mid.png
2353 Cadet Cruise, U.S.S. Sagan 110px-2350s_cmd_mid.png
2353 - 2354 Helmsman, U.S.S. M'Benga 110px-2350s_cmd_ensjg.png
2354 - 2355 Captain's Pilot, U.S.S. Garth 110px-2350s_cmd_ens.png
2355 - 2356 Helmsman, U.S.S. Garth 110px-2350s_cmd_ltjg.png
2356 Helmsman, U.S.S. Hephaestus 110px-2350s_cmd_lt.png
2357 Department Head School 110px-2350s_cmd_lt.png
2358 - 2359 First Lieutenant, U.S.S. Robert April 110px-2350s_cmd_ltcmdr.png
2359 - 2361 Captain, U.S.S. Robert April 110px-2350s_cmd_cmdr.png
2362 Command School 110px-2350s_cmd_cmdr.png
2363 - 2364 Captain, U.S.S. Poseidon 110px-2350s-2360s_command_capt.png
2365 Captain, U.S.S. Dauntless 110px-2350s-2360s_command_capt.png