Where Angels Fear To Tread

'A' Plot
The U.S.S. Yamato and the U.S.S. Enterprise have both been reported missing near the V'Karis Anomaly, a disputed area of space close to both the Gorn and the Tressaurian pocket empires. Suspecting foul play, the U.S.S. Dauntless is sent in to investigate, to find both the explanation for the two missing ships and for many others besides – a Quasi-Space Portal that connects the Anomaly with a site on the outskirts of the Hercules Galaxy. Brief explorations reveal many interesting sites for further exploration, and Starfleet plans such explorations for the near future.

'B' Plot
Both the Gorn and the Tressaurians have also lost ships in the Anomaly, and both sides blame the other for these disappearances. The Dauntless prevents a full-scale war from erupting between the two sides, first over the ship losses and later over the very possession of the Anomaly, and a task force arrives to patrol the area and preserve the neutrality of the region. The Gorn are content with this outcome, and improved relations seem likely; the Tressaurians, less so.

'C' Plot
While exploring the Anomaly, Dauntless crew members find wreckage from several lost ships, including Orion vessels, Vulcan vessels, and craft of similar ages. They come under attack from what appear to be Vulcans on the surface of a forgotten world; they are equipped with strange technology, which seems to be based on different principles from current Vulcan technology.

'D' Plot
It seems likely that crew members of the Enterprise were able to escape the destruction of their ship, but there is no sign of their location.

Ships That Pass in the Night
U.S.S. Enterprise
U.S.S. Yamato
U.S.S. Jean Bart
A.W.S. Gripper
A.W.S. Wrathful
U.C.S. Parade
S.S. Rodham
V.S.S. T'Shar
S.S. Thomas O'Dell

Major NPCs
Admiral Gregory Quinn
Captain Edward Jellico
Commandant Odak
Commandant Gorday
Over-Leader Borada

Questions Raised

  • Where did the Anomaly come from?
  • What happened to the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise?
  • Where did the mysterious Vulcans come from?
  • What happened to the lost Gorn and Tressaurian vessels?
  • Who constructed the mysterious beacon?
  • What was in the secret messaged passed by Nathanial Fremantle to the diplomatic core and what was in the message from Nash to F.A.S.A.?