U.S.S. Dauntless

The U.S.S. Dauntless (NCC-71553) was a Galaxy-class Explorer, constructed by Starfleet in the mid-24th century. The third starship to bear the name, it was launched from the San Francisco Orbital Shipyards in 2363.


2359 – 2363

The Dauntless was laid down in early 2359, and construction was overseen by Captain Jules van Osterlich. The work progressed smoothly and without the delays that had plagued the other five Block I Galaxy-class starships; it was during the construction phase that the Dauntless was first to gain its reputation as a 'lucky' ship.


The fifth ship to be launched, Dauntless was dispatched on a year-long shakedown cruise in the Federation heartlands, under Captain van Osterlich. Towards the end of the year, the vessel was effectively in full active duty service, and spent several months patrolling the Romulan Neutral Zone in response to increased signs of activity.


Upon the retirement of Captain van Osterlich, a new command crew was assigned to the Dauntless, which was officially brought into active duty in a ceremony at the Antares Fleet Yards.

Ship Upgraded with experimental sensors.