Robert Blake Captain Of The USS Charon

Captain Robert Blake spearheaded a series of actions which broke the back of Orion resistance in a key sector, and strangled a subsequent attempt at insurrection in its cradle.

Though highly militarily successful, certain of Captain Blake's missions were accompanied by substantial collateral damage, a regrettable but unavoidable consequence of the Orion practice of concealing vital military targets in civilian areas.

The Orion pirates gambled that Star Fleet could not afford the political fallout of attacking these targets. Captain Blake proved them wrong.

Sustained pressure from a coalition of anti-war elements and Orion lobbyists, who waged a virulent media campaign against the good captain, resulted in proceedings being brought against Blake for alleged war crimes.

Captain Blake was acquitted of all charges, and his sound judgment and heroism under enemy fire has since been acknowledged with the award of medals and promotion.

Robert Blake remains a controversial figure. The Captain attracts considerable support from within Star Fleet, and has become something of a folk hero on the frontier. He has nonetheless been the victim of a vitriolic smear campaign perpetuated by Communist-affiliated dissident groups and Orion revisionists.

- Excerpts from Nathaniel Fremantle’s bestselling The Orion Wars. Available from all leading information depositories!

Effigies of Robert Blake were burned in the streets of New Cairo today, as a coalition of student and socialist groups protested the Federation Council’s decision to decorate the Captain with the Federation Citation of Honour for his part in the Orion conflict.

- Excerpt from Globe News.