Lieutenant Junior Grade Quellic

Quellic was a Xaranite Starfleet officer in the mid-24th century. As of 2365, he was serving as Senior Defence Systems Engineer on the U.S.S. Dauntless.

Background History

Quellic was born on Earth in 2332, in the Xaranite Enclave in the reconstructed Imperial Palace in New Tokyo. His parents were closely associated with Mitsuma Engineering, and it was assumed growing up that he would work for the company, based on his interests and engineering talents. Instead, he opted to become one of the few Xaranites in Starfleet Service.

Starfleet Academy

Cadet Cruise

Starfleet Career

Personal Relationships

Quellic is married, with two children; his family currently lives on Starbase 21.


Quellic emerged from his spawning pool into a world of opportunity, the beauty of nature and technology fused almost seamlessly in Japan within the Xaranite enclave under the benign rule of Mitsuma engineering corp.

In exchange for the oaths of loyalty and the promise of Quellic’s parents that at least eight of the ten octopi like creatures would pledge their futures to Mitsuma the Corporation undertook to educate the whole brood to make them useful and dutiful citizens of the Federation.

As befitted Mitsuma, Quellic received an exemplary education in everything from Sun Zu’s art of War to how to manufacture a phaser, given Mitsuma’s speciality of reverse engineering alien technology for adaption for the Federation his education could be said to be slightly biased towards practical engineering.

Unlike his brood siblings though, Quellic viewed the stars as a source of excitement and new experiences rather than an irrelevance and thus on his eighteenth anniversary of spawning requested permission to leave Tokyo and travel to the Star Fleet academy in California where his Dominyo’s spawnbrother Mectar worked as a research scientist.

Quellic was paired with Lalari, another Xaranite who wished to depart the enfolding embrace of Mitsuma and explore other worlds and experiences before doubtless returning to the fold to provide a secure future for her brood.

To no real surprise to the recruiters Quellic entered the engineering branch of Starfleet, Lalari, who had a gift for languages became a first contact specialist, time together was therefore limited and Quellic threw himself into his work receiving the highest possible recommendations from his tutors.

Quellic first served on the M’Benga a hospital ship, which was involved in attempting to treat a bio engineered plague in the Colony world of Calipso 4 which also spread to incapacitate the majority of the mainly human crew of the vessel but was not built to harm the Xaranite’s physiology. Despite being only a cadet and working almost entirely alone under enormous pressure Quellic managed to save almost the entire crew after bringing on line a prototype he had been working on, a hologramatic doctor program which could not only process diagnoses thousands of times faster than any living doctor but need not fear infection. With the holo doc active Quellic was able to synthesise enough drugs and save all bar 19 of the crew. Though it was never discovered who engineered the plague, at least an effective vaccine could be devised to counter future deployments and around 10 percent of the people of Calipso 4 were treated in time.

For his actions Quellic was awarded the Grankite order of Honour and graduated a Lieutenant Junior Grade one rank higher than was typical for a cadet. Star fleet R and R took the holo doc program over to try and work out a few kinds in the system so it could be rolled out into general use, such as the power drain being so high when the program was active the weapons systems and propulsion systems of all but the most modern ships went offline.

For his next posting Quellic was assigned to another hospital ship, the USS Pasteur. This time Quellic was responsible for installing a planetry defence system into the planet Didcot in the Andorian System where a recently terrraformed M class planet was being settled. The Xaranite performed exemplary work despite being seperated from his partner Lalari who was part of a delegation to the Imperial Klingon State and had risen to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Quellic also was in close contact with Melcar during this posting, who had been given permission to work on a top secret piece of technology obtained from the remains of a Romulan Warbird, a part of the cloaking device, however he had limited time to devote to this project as he competed seriously for a place on the Pasteur's water polo team, something in which he was ultimately successful.

Quellic's next posting was a result of Lalari's success in her negotiations with the Klingon's, her superiors were keen to reward her and when she indicated a wish to spawn, she was posted to Starbase 2 as a envoy to the Vulcan High Council and days later Quellic was sent to the same base officially to upgrade the bases defence systems with the latest phaser arrays. However this iddle was interupted shortly within months as the third Kizinti war broke out and everywhere across the sector the Federation forces collapsed and in an attempt to stem the line a number of older ships previously mothballed were pressed back into service. It was to one of these ships, the Mandala Flynn that Quellic was assigned as a defence systems engineer.

It took three years for the Kizinti to realise they were beaten and Quellic was invaluable in keeping the Mandala Flynn operational and coaxing every last drop of power out of its obsolete systems. Six months into his posting he learned that he had successfully gotten Lalari to spawn and was responsible for a new broad of two, which for some reason Lalari wished to raise herself rather than send to Mitsuma corp. Following the succesful conclusion of the war Quellic was transferred to the USS Dauntless.

2350 – 2353 Starfleet Academy 110px-2350s_ops_wo.png
2354 – 2356 Branch School (Engineering) 110px-2350s_ops_wo1.png
2356 Cadet Cruise, U.S.S. M'Benga 110px-2350s_ops_mid.png
2357 – 2359 Junior Defence Systems Engineer, U.S.S. Pasteur 110px-2350s-2360s_ops_ltjg.png
2360 Defence Systems Engineer, Starbase 2 110px-2350s-2360s_ops_ltjg.png
2361 – 2364 Defence Systems Engineer, U.S.S. Mandala Flynn 110px-2350s-2360s_ops_ltjg.png
2365 Senior Defence Systems Engineer, U.S.S. Dauntless 110px-2350s-2360s_ops_ltjg.png
110px-Starfleet_Delta_Cross_Medal.png Grankite Order of Honour