Perfect Simulation

'A' Plot
The U.S.S. Dauntless is assigned to conduct wargame exercises close to the border of the Imperial Klingon State, both to test crew performance and efficiency and to 'show the flag'. The senior officers, led by the XO, take command of the Enterprise-class Cruiser U.S.S. Enterprise-A, an obsolete old vessel, with instructions to try and take down the Dauntless in a simulated fight. The wargames go wrong when a trio of IKS cruisers attack, taking the vessels by surprise; the Enterprise is forced to hide in a nebula while the Dauntless retreats from combat. After modifications and jury-rigging, the Ukrainia exits the nebula and destroys the waiting warships.

'B' Plot
The IKS is increasingly threatening the Federation border, and Starfleet is mobilising a task force the monitor the situation. The latest incursion is the worst yet, and the Dauntless leads the response against the vessels that have crossed the border. There are growing concerns that the IKS and the Free Worlds may be moving closer to war. Task forces are now patrolling the Federation-IKS border under Admiral Stonn; the Federation is stepping up its diplomatic efforts in this area.

'C' Plot
Inside the nebula, the Enterprise discovers a crashed Orion vessel, brought down while running weapons out of the Imperial Klingon State; they help repair the Enterprise, and in the battle to come; they also warn the crew that blockade runners are moving weapons from the IKS to the Kzinti and Tressaurian states.

Ships that Pass in the Night
U.S.S. Fearless
U.S.S. Preston King
U.S.S. Rommel
U.S.S. Indri
I.K.C. Pagh
I.K.C. Dur'Tak
I.K.C. Ko'dar

Major NPCs
Admiral Stonn
Captain Mark Tyler
Chaka Bey
Wallace Green