Look Upon My Works...

'Look Upon My Works…' was the pilot session of the Star Trek: Forgotten Destiny campaign. It took place around New Year's Day, 2365.

'A' Plot
An old science vessel, the U.S.S. Alexei Leonov, is destroyed in the middle of a transmission to the U.S.S. Dauntless. The ship was destroyed by a Kzinti raiding party, which for the past two weeks has attacked a series of planets close to the Federation border. With an Away Team left on the surface to find survivors, the Dauntless chases the Kzinti to Zeta Orionis XII, catching them in the act of launching raiding parties. The Kzinti are repatriated to the Kzinti homeworld under the terms of the peace treaty; it is unclear why they were so interested in archaeological artefacts.

'B' Plot
The Leonov had found the homeworld of a long-lost race, the Androsynth, destroyed in a war ten thousand years ago. The Kzinti were raiding the ruins for Androsynth artefacts; an Away Team led by Commander Nash was able to find a team of survivors from the Leonov, and then capture the raiding team left behind on the surface. In the process, it becomes apparent that the team was working under the auspices of a secret Federation group, FASA, who classify all knowledge of the world and seize anything taken from the planet.

'C' Plot
There are remains on the Androsynth homeworld that suggest it was destroyed by a race known as the Kinshaya, a 'devil' race in many Federation cultures. There are further signs that there were proto-Klingons and Vulcans on the planet during that time, before either race was known to have attained space travel…

'D' Plot
It appears that there are internal tensions within the Kzinti Patriarchy, with a strong faction preparing for another war with the Federation. However, other forces – including the family of the Patriarch – are attempting to foster peace with the Federation.

Ships That Pass In The Night
U.S.S. Alexei Leonov
U.S.S. Aquarius
U.S.S. Harry Daghlian
U.S.S. Toronto

Major NPCs
Lieutenant Tanzen Baine
Commodore William Grainger
Captain 'Hand of Valour'

Questions Raised

  • Who/what destroyed the Androsynth homeworld?
  • What is FASA's interest in this, beyond the usual archaeological research?
  • Why were the Kzinti raiding archaeological sites in the Federation frontier?
  • What were proto-Klingons, and early Vulcans, doing on the Androsynth homeworld ten thousand years ago - before they had warp travel?
  • What is Vulcan text doing on a 10,000 year old Klingon blade!
  • Why does FASA have pocket battleships like the Harry Daghlian? And why is Nash so calm about FASA running roughshod over Starfleet regs?
  • What the hell are the Kinshaya?