Kzinti Patriarchy

β€œThe Kzin always fight before they are ready.” - Captain Beowulf Schaffer, U.S.S. Maverick, 2261.

The Kzinti Patriarchy is one of the longest-lasting foes of both Earth and the Federation, fighting six wars over three centuries. In all of these conflicts, the Kzin were the aggressors. The Kzin are a highly-aggressive species of felinoid origin, and it is believed that they share a common ancestry with the Caitians; their homeworld, Kzin, orbits the star 61 Ursae Majoris.



Federation scientists believe the Kzin to be an uplifted race; their earliest memories suggest a powerful species with 'talking weapons', but no trace has been found up to this point.

The Man-Kzin Wars

The Kzin were the third species encountered by humans, within a decade of First Contact; the aggressive Kzin immediately launched an assault on both Sol System and its few early colonies. With the assistance of the Vulcans, this attack was resisted, and the Kzin beaten back. In 2089, the Second War began, and this time humanity was far readier to resist an assault, driving the Kzin behind their borders and capturing three planets.

The Third Man-Kzin war was fought in 2134, shortly after the formation of the United Earth Government, and despite some early successes, was a fairly one-sided conflict that resulted in the destruction of the Kzinti Fleet, and the liberation of two 'slave' races. The Fourth was the first war fought by the United Federation of Planets, in 2175, and lasted for less than a year before mobilised space fleets again wiped out the Kzin Fleet, this time imposing forced disarmament under the terms of the Treaty of Sirius.

The Fifth Man-Kzin War would take place in 2260, but this was not fought under the auspices of the Kzin government; a series of raider bands began to operate in Federation space, terrorising colonies and destroying supply convoys. This war lasted for three years, and was noted for its vicious hand-to-hand combat.

The Border Reavers

The Fifth Man-Kzin war was the last, but tensions continued to build in the Patriarchy over the next century. Matters came to a head in 2358, when a new Patriarch began stepping up rhetoric against the Federation, encouraging and covertly aiding raider gangs who would cross the border, attack small outposts and colonies, or destroy trade ships, and then return home with their spoils.

This rapidly became endemic, and there were several notable incidents, such as the Seltos III Massacre, before Starfleet was able to mobilise and respond. Over the next four years, an undeclared war ranged across the border; though Starfleet was not authorised to enter the Patriarchy, numerous individual ships took such actions. It was one such action – the Battle of Beta Hydri – that ended the war with the destruction of a critical raider outpost, well within Kzin territory.

After the War

The end of the war did not end the chaos. Dozens, hundreds of Kzinti raiders continued to raid smaller colonies or outposts, even without official support from the Patriarchy; many elected to run to the Imperial Klingon State or into the Draconis Outback. This was worsened by the Romulan resurgence at the close of 2364, which caused Starfleet to recall many of its ships for other duty.


The Patriarchy is ruled with an iron hand by the Patriarch, who can claim a line of descent reaching back many thousands of years. Outside of the supreme leadership, the Patriarchy is a meritocracy, though the 'merits' generally revolve around conquest and warfare. Internally, it is thought that the government remains popular, though some minor groups advocate a changed standpoint with regards to interstellar affairs.


The Kzinti warfleet has been all but destroyed many times, and after the Fifth Man-Kzin War the Federation opted to severely limit their military shipbuilding capacity. As a result, the Kzinti generally use obsolete designs from the 23rd century, uprated with more modern weaponry where available; their preference is for packs of small ships, hunting in groups. They maintain a large standing army on their homeworld and larger colonies, but their capacity to transport and support this army is limited; the Patriarch sponsors the 'Black Claws', an elite group of warriors outfitted with the best weaponry and training available.

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