Imperial Klingon State

"We are the only true Klingons left in the Galaxy today. All others have sold out their birthright, their heritage, their right to kill - and for what? For a household and a smile." - IKS propaganda broadcast, 2364.

The Imperial Klingon State was a splinter-state of the original Klingon Empire, which remains independent and strongly opposed to the Federation; its strategic location belies its otherwise minor power status.


'Four Years War'

The origins of the IKS stem from the 'Four Years War', fought between the Federation and the Klingon Empire in the 2250s. At the end of the war, the Klingon Emperor attempted to attribute failings on several senior military officers, including Thought-Admiral Kapato. Alone among the supposed 'conspirators', he was able to escape with a small fleet, and seized a pair of colonies in the disputed territory between the Federation and the Klingon Empire. Though he claimed to represent the 'true Klingon people', he deliberately sought little attention during this period, with ties to several Orion Pirate clans for trade and technology transfer.

The Khitomer Accords: A Place for the 'Untamed'

When the Klingon Empire made a formal alliance with the Federation in 2293, beginning the process that would see it evolve into the Free Worlds of Klinzhai, a large number of hard-line Klingons in the Defence Forces resisted the treaty; there were no less than ten attempts to overthrow Chancellor Azetbur, most of which were met with exile for the guilty parties. Many others left the Empire, believing it no longer represented the true 'Klingon spirit'.

They found their home in what rapidly became the Imperial Klingon State. Millions of Klingons – and more importantly, dozens of ships – moved into the region, either settling on the two colonies originally captured or conquering several others, eventually spanning thirty systems, enslaving several subject races. Kapato was an early casualty of these days, and the Reshtarc family seized control. It was politically impossible for the Federation to take any steps without destabilising the Khitomer Accords; likewise the Free Worlds were unable to take action; many in the KDF admired the 'pure spirit' of the IKS. Periodicially, the IKS has launched attacks into the Draconis Outback in attempts to gain territory; these have been met with varying degrees of success.


The Imperial Klingon State is a perennial thorn in the side of Federation-Klinzhai relations, and is one of the primary reasons why the 'Grand Alliance' has yet to forge a permanent union. It has become a den of thieves and pirates, and is one of the last places where the Orion Pirate Clans can operate with a free hand. Their military consists of a large number of antiquated ships, but they have been upgraded and well maintained over the years. The IKS is stable economically, maintaining some trade ties with the Free Worlds, as well as other powers such as the Kzinti, Gorn and even, it is rumoured, the Romulan Star Empire.


The current leader of the IKS is Thought-Admiral Kajek epetai-Reshtarc, the descendant of the original warlords who left the Empire in 2293. In effect, he controls the military, with each planet left largely to fend for itself as long as the levies to the fleet are maintained. There is a nominal 'High Council', but its edicts have little practical authority. The planets making up the IKS are loyal to its cause, and service in the fleet is a usual requirement for political success.


The muscle of the IKS is the 'War Fleet'; the IKS maintains only a small standing army, counting on the worlds to defend themselves should the need arise. Only a limited shipbuilding capability exists on the IKS, and this has largely been given over to maintenance and performance upgrades; the IKS fleet is with only a few exceptions made up of ships that have defected from the Free Worlds of Klinzhai, but is surprisingly large for the size of the IKS. The core of the fleet is a trio of battleships, that have been lavishly maintained and held back for the anticipated war with either the Federation or the Free Worlds…or both.

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