Gorn Alliance

"I weary of the chase. Wait for me. I shall be merciful and quick."
Gorn Captain, fighting Captain James T. Kirk, 2266

The Gorn Alliance was a pocket empire in the Draconis Outback in 2365.


The Gorn Alliance was formed around a thousand years ago, when the first Gorn vessels colonised other planets in the home system. The Gorn were unlucky in that their homeworld was located in an area of subspace disturbance that made faster-than-light travel extremely difficult, and so their earliest explorations were conducted in large slower-than-light vessels that acted as colony ships. In this way, a dozen systems were colonised in close proximity to their home system.

When the Gorn did achieve warp flight, their theoretical astrophysics had advanced to the point that they were able to attain high warp speeds very quickly, and rapidly began to explore nearby space. First contact was made with the Tressaurians in the 2240s, and it rapidly became apparent that they were fated to be enemies. There are rumours also of Orion contact in this period and before.

In 2265, a Gorn survey ship located Cestus III, an ideal world for colonisation, and they claimed it for the Alliance before returning to bring colonists. When they returned, the Federation had established a base on the planet, and the Gorn considered them claim-jumpers – the outpost was destroyed, colonists massacred. The U.S.S. Enterprise, under Captain Kirk, responded and confronted the Gorn vessel involved; the misunderstanding was cleared up and a non-aggression pact signed. Cestus III was ceded to the Federation, in exchange for technological transfers of terraforming equipment.

Since that period, the Gorn have slowly expanded deeper into the Outback, and have established themselves as a major regional power, though circumstances have prevented them attaining major power status. They have been cultivated as allies by several powers, including the IKS and Federation, but have instead opted for neutrality, choosing to defend what they already own rather than try and conquer more.


The Gorn Alliance has a ceremonial head of state, the Gorn Imperator, but he has not held any authority for centuries. In practice, the Alliance is ruled by Grand Senate, which has representatives from every world in the Alliance, as well as the military. The homeworld has additional representation, a matter of some dispute. The major issues are autonomy for some of the outer colonies, the military build-up against hostile powers, and a proposal to create a neutral outpost to try and co-ordinate the other neutral powers in the Outback, which is attracting interest from as far away as the Federation.


The Alliance military is based around large vessels, a hold-over from the days when STL flight was the norm. As a result, in number there are few Gorn vessels, but each is extremely powerful, well-equipped, and fast. Generally, each carries a cohort of three hundred Drop Marines, capable of planetary assault and security operations. There is no standing Gorn army, but there is a strong tradition of 'self-defence' that leads each planet to maintain its own defences, generally tailored to their own needs.

Ongoing Conflicts

Since first contact, the Gorn has been engaged in a cold war with the Tressaurians, and there have been numerous 'hot wars' over the last century, which has led to border to move back and forth. Tensions are currently rising towards another war, and there are calls in the Senate to attempt to finish the Tressaurians off once and for all, no matter what the cost.