Draconis Outback

The Draconis Outback is an area of space on the coreward border of the Old Frontiers, in between the Kzinti and the Imperial Klingon State. It is home to more than a dozen pocket empires, constantly feuding; two of the most prominent races are the Gorn and the Tressaurians.

Starfleet has conducted explorations into this region for some years, but the region remains volatile and lawless – minor brushfire wars are common-place, and expansion into this region has been deemed impossible until the Kzinti and Orion borders have been finally stabilised. The Cestus III colony is the Federation's 'gateway' to the Outback, protected by Starbase 63.

There are many serious hazards to interstellar navigation in the region, which has proven a further hazard to exploration and expansion; among these are the V'Karis Anomaly, and the Maelstrom Nebula. Starfleet has made periodic attempts to chart these areas, but has experienced significant ship losses. It is suspected that many of the pocket empires have been more successful in their explorations.

Prominent Worlds

Cestus III