Andreas Chapman

Andreas Chapman was a Starfleet officer in the mid-24th century. As of 2365, he was serving on the U.S.S. Dauntless.

Background History

Born on Proxima IV, Andreas elected to join the Merchant Service at the age of 16, and spent many years serving on tramp freighters in the Old Frontiers Quadrant, including some time in the Draconis Outback.

Starfleet Career

With the outbreak of the last Kzin War, and the loss of her ship in the first days of the conflict, Andreas volunteered for Starfleet service, completing a rushed six-month training and conversion course.

Personal Relationships

2352 Merchant Academy Sup-cmr.gif
2353-2356 Crewman, S.S. Black Jack Sup-cma.gif
2356-2357 Security Officer, S.S. Diamondback Sec-ens.gif
2358-2362 Security Officer, S.S. Thomas O'Dell Sec-lt.gif
2363-2364 Weapons Specialist, U.S.S. Nathaniel Zar 110px-2350s_ops_chief.png
2365 Weapons Specialist, U.S.S. Dauntless 110px-2350s_ops_chief.png